Repair of Apartments in new Buildings
Posted on: April 26, 2017, by : Marlon Niebera

Repair of apartments renovation, estimates for the repair of apartments in new buildings.


We offer You a complex of services on repair of apartments in new buildings. We efficiently and in a timely manner perform repair of apartments from economy to Renovation of VIP class. Our properties are mainly performed according to the recommendations made by our craftsmen objects professionally and on time, in the future, and is our recommendation for cooperation with our potential customers on repair in new buildings and not only, but also and secondary housing.


Extensive experience allows us to perform the repair you bought the apartment without finishing in the building, ranging from measurements of the premises until the end of repair, and in time, the price of repair of apartments in new buildings in our performance matches the quality of the repair of your apartment, you will receive professionally repaired with modern materials.


Buying an apartment on the primary market, the buyer is focusing not only on the price of the apartment, but at the cost of the repair of apartments. In order to navigate, which amount released cost estimates for repair of apartments in new buildings, it is necessary to determine the list of upcoming work, by drawing up technical specifications.



Specification for the repair of an apartment in a new house.

 Bedroom 1 (Wall)

Alignment, preparation for Wallpaper, decal vinyl Wallpaper Ceiling. Alignment, painting, ceiling moldings Pol. Alignment, flooring, baseboard Window. the Manufacture of a window slope, dying on slope, installation of sill

 Bedroom 2 (Wall)

Alignment, preparation for Wallpaper, wall painting, painting Wallpapers Ceiling. the Covering of the ceiling drywall, insulation, painting Pol. Alignment, laminate flooring, skirting Window. the Manufacture of a window slope, dying on slope, installation of sill


Kitchen, entrance hall (Wall)

Preparation for Wallpaper sticker vinyl Wallpaper Ceiling. Alignment, painting ceiling the plinth.Pol. Alignment, tiles 30×30 (direct blow)Window. the Manufacture of a window slope, dying on slope, installation of sill


Private Wall

Preparation, tiles 20x30Ceiling. Rack ceiling and 4 spotlightsPol. Alignment, tiles 30×30 45Advanced. the Lining of water pipes boxes 1 box (5.2 m/nElectrician. fan Installation, outlet under the washing machine, installation of warm floor 3M2, conclusion under cupboard lighting.



Preparation, tiles 20x30Ceiling. Rack ceiling and 2 spotlightsPol. Alignment, tiles 30×30 45Advanced. the Lining of water pipes boxes 2 boxes of 3.2 m/nElectrician. fan Installation, outlet under a heater



Replacement radiators 3pcs replacement towel without alteration of the riser, installation of meters, installation of HEPA filters, wiring, plumbing, bathroom, toilet, washing machine, sink in the bathroom, the sink in the kitchen, replacement of sewer pipes.



Replacement of electrical wiring, replacement of breakers 5pcs without replacing the switch Board, the transfer of the old and installation of new sockets and switches, about 60 pieces.



Installation is simple doors with inset fittings and installation of transoms.

Modern apartments in new buildings down without any kind of decoration. The quality of execution of the preparation of the draft renovated apartment in a new building depends on the construction company that built the house. Practice shows quite often after construction of your home must be aligned walls, ceilings and floors. Even in new buildings the tolerances of the curvature of the walls, floors and corners are relatively large. So, qualitatively or Wallpaper paste to put the tiles without flattening the walls will fail.


Major expenses and amounts are determined on the basis of a clear knowledge of the degree of curvature of the walls and the level of customer requirements. And on plaster and putty operations accounted for the largest share of the jobs. You can look to this link for  a well-organized  fixing. To perform the repair of apartments in new building efficiently and quickly will be able only a professionals.


Extensive experience of repair of apartments in new buildings, ensures that our company is professionally suited to solving this controversial issue.


We have gained expertise in carrying out repairs in new buildings open plan and guarantee absolute quality upon delivery of the repairs completed.


Using our services, You won’t have to hire workers and to independently control each stage of the work.


Headed by an experienced and responsible superintendent, addressed the issue of procurement and delivery of necessary materials to the exact quantity and at very competitive prices; the question of removal of debris; the question of quality control required for each phase of work and speed of execution.


After approval of work plan You don’t have to deal with the issues of preparation and holding of any works. All the hassle of clean up of the premises we will take.


You will only need one after repairs to live in my apartment easily and comfortably, enjoying the beauty of your own home, to live in comfort, when nothing stirs, not annoying.

Repair of apartments professional repair of buildings, design, decoration, renovation of apartments, it is a service, which occupies a leading position in our construction company and quality execution of our construction projects and high demand.

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